Musée de l’Eau et de la Fontaine, Ottignies, Belgium

The mission of the Museum

Water …

Major issue of our century, the water problems are of increasing magnitude among the big questions of these days.

The mission of the Water & Fontain Museum is to introduce and increase public awareness of the water issue as widely as possible : the means are thematic exhibitions, visits dedicated to adult people, to children, library etc. It’s also through an education and information policy  that we develop an active citizenship.

… and fontains

The water gushes out again from ancient fontains.  Within a poetic & nostalgic climate, they remember the washerwomen where the fontains did take a central place in the village : source of life, they  did attract life and activity.

The Water and Fontain Museum intends to reassert the value and awareness of this cultural heritage : publishing articles, organizing cultural activities, fontain restoration etc.


Destination blue planet

This course is intended for students starting from the third to the 6th year of secondary school.  To make the teenagers aware of their citizen responsibility within our planet and the impact of non civic environmental behaviour on the future of our planet. Discussions intended to make critical study and appraisal based on a series of pictures aimed to reflection.

Do not touch my water

Introduction to Ecology : this is intended for students starting from 5th primary school to the second year of secondary school. What is waste ? How to reduce the creation / production of waste & how to sort it.  This course intends to increase the students awareness of pollution, waste degradation and durable development.

Municipal water treatment

Visits of municipal water treatment plants, together with the  INBW:

H2O project

The educational file H2O introduces the water filtration together with the daily usage of water. The aim is to make the students aware of the importance of the water.  First step is somewhat theoretical, the students are then invited to participate in discussions or activities intended to find solutions to preserve the water.

Among activities, make surveys about water consumption questioning friends family, etc… This will allow to gather their results, become aware of the vital aspect of the water in daily life, and find means to preserve this blue gold.