The art of making oarlocks for wooden boats

A video interview to Saverio Pastor, one of the few Venetian craftsmen who is keeping the secrets of wooden oarlocks’ production for gondolas and other traditional boats. Oarlocks are one of the last authentic artefacts originally made in Venice – a city today impacted strongly and negatively by mass overtourism and globalized products.

Enjoy for free more video interviews and the digital audio guide which in 2019 was awarded as “Destination of Sustainable Cultural Tourism” in Europe: “Venice: Explore forgotten Dorsoduro and its sailing traditions”

Made by: Eriberto Eulisse, Francesco Visentin, Massimo Bassan and Davide Stefanato.

Copyright: Civiltà dell’Acqua International Centre, Water Museum of Venice & University of Venice Ca’ Foscari.

Supported by: Interreg Central Europe Programme