Valencia, 3rd International Conference of the Global Network of Water Museums

Valencia, Spain, 12 – 15 June 2019

In conjunction with the 1st International Conference of the

Tribunal de las Aguas de la Vega de Valencia


Day 1 – Wednesday, June 12th

Welcome and institutional greetings

M.V. Mestre (Rector of the Universitat de València)

M. Alcaraz (Counsellor of Transparency, Social Responsibility, Participation and Cooperation)

J. Font (President of the Water Tribunal of València)

A. Otte (International Hydrological Programme, UNESCI-IHP, Division of Water Sciences)

P. Pypaert (UNESCO Beijing Office)

E. Moors (President of the Global Network of Water Museums)

Session 1 – Key note speakers

Chair: J.Hermosilla, Vicerector of the Projecciò Territorial i Societat, Universitat de València

– K.M. Wantzen (UNESCO Chair River Culture / Fleuves et Patrimoines, University of Tours, France). Maintaining biological and cultural diversities of inland water socio-ecosystems.

– M. Claverie (ICOM, Coordinator Museums and Society). Culture and local development: maximizing the impact. A Guide for Local Governments, Communities and Museums.

– E. Eulisse (Executive Director of the Global Network of Water Museums). Measuring progress after UNESCO-IHP Resolution XXIII-5: walking along Waterlines, Heritage SDGs.

Session 2 – Best practices from the Global Network and presentations of new members

Chair: P. Pypaert, UNESCO Beijing Office

K. Wundsam, Danube Water-Adventure, Austria

R. Hernández Garciadiego, “Agua para Siempre” Water Museum, Mexico

H. De Laet, Hidrodoe, Belgium

X. Xiaowen, The Changjiang Civilization Museum, China

A. Samoura, Musée de l’Eau de Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

E. van Melis, Haarlemmermeer-museum De Cruquius, The Netherlands

E. Sofia Vallejo Guerrero, Yaku Parque Museo de l’Agua, Ecuador

G. Steiner, Mural Harbor – The Harbor Gallery of Linz, Austria

Y. Bangde and L. Yan, Chongqing Baiheliang Underwater Museum, China

M. Maruškić Kulaš,  AQUATICA – Freshwater Aquarium, Croatia

K. Kamp, Stichting Waterliniemuseum Fort bij Vechten, The Netherlands

F. Said Saad Almesnad, Kahramaa Awareness Park, Qatar

F. Kabir, Water Museum of Kalapara, Bangladesh

E. Souquet, Musée des Egouts, France

H. Snabilie, Broekerveiling Water Museum, The Netherlands

B. Damon, Keepers of the Waters, USA

Interactive Seminar n.1: Education & SDGs

Chair: I. Kerr-Wilson, Hamilton Museum of Steam & Technology, Canada

 “Changing the World with Water Awareness Education”. WAMU-NET’s support to water museums to improve SDGs dissemination

V.L. Croitoru, “Leonida Truta” Water Museum, Romania

M. Tardio & L. Galatà, MUSE – Science Museum of Trento, Italy

V. Malotidi, Hydria Water Network, Greece

Day 2 – Thursday, June 13th

Public ceremony of the Water Tribunal of Valencia. Official signature of WAMU-NET Charter

Interactive Seminar n.2: Communication & Digital Media

Chair: S. De Vries, Pulsaqua, The Netherlands

 “Communicating our common water heritage to the world”. Framing joint communications with WAMU-NET members

G. La Spada & L. Gigante, Communications team of the Global Network of Water Museums

J. Lessa, University of Algarve, Portugal

Session 3 – Best practices from the Global Network and presentations of new members

Chair: Z. Zhirong, National Water Museum of China

A. El Mandour, Musée de la Civilisation de l’Eau au Maroc “Mohamed VI”, Morocco

T. Ftaita, University Sophia Antipolis of Nice, France

D. Sanderson, Indigenous Water Forum, Canada

M. Castro-Henriques, Museu da Agua, Portugal

S. Ferraioli, Consorzi dei Canali di Reno e Savena in Bologna, Italy

L. Leordean, Aquatim SA, Romania

B. Deya Canals, Spain

A. Sharroks, Museum of Water, UK

T. Ruf, France

W. Caravanti, Brasil

Session 4 – Arts and Water: Engaging the Audience

Chair: C. Adams, Centre for Contemporary Art & Natural World, UK

A. Melster

V.D. Núñez de Arenas

A. Tamarit

R. Clausì

Plenary Assembly of the Global Network of Water Museums (WAMU-NET)

Day 3 – Friday, June 14th

1st International Conference of the Tribunal de las Aguas de la Vega de València

Welcome and institutional greetings by J. Hermosilla and J. Montesinos (Universitat de València), J. Font (Tribunal de las Aguas de la Vega de València), E. Eulisse (WAMU-NET).

Session 5: Water Management and Sustainability

Chair: J. Montesinos, Decano, Faculty of Geography, Univ. of Valencia

J. Bonet (Universitat de València); T. Estrela (Confederación Hidrográfica del Júcar, Spain); E. Guinot (Univ. de València); J. Pastor (Tribunal de las Aguas de la Vega de València).

Session 6: The territory as Museum: Museography of Waterscapes

Chair: J. Hermosilla, Vicerector, University of Valencia

F. Vallerani (University of Venice Ca’ Foscari); C. Pérez (Museo Comarcal de L´Horta Sud); M. Minguet (Horta Viva).

Session 7: The Water Museums

Chair: S. Ahmed, University of Ahmedabad, India

M.E. Cordova (Heritage Department, Region Libertad, Peru); L. Repetto (University of Lima, Peru); E. Iranzo (Univ. de València); F. Tamarit Llop (Museu Valencià d’Etnologia); J. Manuel Gisbert (Agromuseu de Vera, UPV València); C. Sanchis (Fundació Assut).

Session 8: The Cultural Heritage of Irrigation: new Techniques of Analisis and Valorization

Chair: P.L. Martinez, Conselleria de Cultura, Valencia

S. Mayordomo (Univ. de València); J.C. Membrado (Univ. de València); G. Fansa (Univ. de València); G.Beltrán (Univ. València); M. Francés (Univ. València); T. Castro (photographer).

Conference conclusions – By J. Hermosilla, L.P. Martinez, E. Eulisse and Z. Zhang.

Day 4 – Saturday, June 15th

Field Visit to the Valencian Hydraulic Heritage: the Huertas and the Albufera Lagoon