AB-I Hayat Anatolian Water Civilizations Museum, Istanbul, Turkey

Ab-ı Hayat Anadolu Water Civilizations collection, museum and events are the sustainable social responsibility project of Adell Faucet & Valve Manufacturing Co. Inc. We are pleased to undertake and carry out this project in connection with our product groups and to contribute to the cultural and artistic life of our country and the world by producing social benefits.

As a hobby of the owners of the company, the collection of artifacts, which started 35 years ago, turned into a corporate social responsibility project and came into the present day as a thematic museum with its activities.

The collection tells the story of the reverence and value of the living beings which are created from water in the Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman Empires, which were born and lived in Anatolia and spread to the world,. The stories of each of the works, which bear many traces of hands, eyes and hearts, are more valuable than themselves and each of them carries the details and cultural codes of the period, the life style of the Anatolian people, daily rituals, art, belief systems and civilization elements.

Historical taps, faucets, water containers, pitchers, basins, boilers, healing bowls, clogs, towels, manuscripts in our collection are made of copper, bronze, ceramics, earthenware, leather and wood. Each of the works that are witnesses of time and they are unique works made with traditional Anatolian handcrafts such as shaping copper, weaving, calligraphy, ceramics, marbling and miniature.

Read and downolad here the presentation of the MUSEUM AND WATER CULTURES COLLECTIONS

We want that this heritage, which is a common accumulation and acquisition of the humanity of the world, this civilization should not be left unattended and disappear. Let our children and people all over the world know the richness, universal message and civilization values ​​of Anatolia.

We want all people, animals and plants to be gathered under the umbrella of the “World Water Brotherhood” without any distinction of religion, language, nation and color, and that water should be instrumental in peace, love and unity of our world, not wars.

We want to contribute to the construction of a sustainable future where the greatest common value of all living things are loved, preserved and protected, moreover using water effectively without wasting it. Water shortage shouldn’t be a cause of diseases and deaths in any part of our world, the people of the world have reached the water and we do not worry about thirst for future generations.



We care that our collection will meet with our students, people from 7 to 77 years in Turkey and abroad. For this purpose, we bring together our civilization values ​​with the people of the region, city, country and the world by opening poster exhibitions consisting of temporary exhibitions of products and posters with sometimes product visuals and English-Turkish explanations. Our exhibitions attract students and local people from young to old.

From time to time, the concept and products are changed and shared with people from domestic and abroad, scientists, government administrators and students to understand all aspects of a wide civilization.

In 2019 we opened an exhibition entitled Water Healing from Past to Present Water Culture at Pendik Municipality Mehmet Akif Ersoy Culture and Art Center in Istanbul. The exhibition consists of unique works in our collection fromAdell Ab-ı Hayat Water Civilization. Curated by Erkan Doğanay, the exhibition presented a nostalgic experience.



Middle East Technical University Visit Programme

In 2015, they organized a, technical, cultural and vision sharing trip with 60 students and about 10 instructors from the Department of Industrial Design at the Middle East Technical University. We were pleased to meet the designers of the future. We shared our experiences that will light them in product, packaging design in the developing period. Recep Ali Topçu, Chairman of the Board of Directors, shared experiences with students on An Understanding Life.

Programme with Drexel University Students

In 2013, a group of approximately 40 MBA students from American Drexel University visited our water culture collection on 16 March 2013. On the same day, a program organized by the wise entrepreneur İshak Alaton, Water Architect Cengiz Bektaş and other valuable participants was shared with our guest student group about our culture, business model and experiences on the summit journey. İshak Alaton and Cengiz Bektaş enriched the program with the sharing of our elders and made the participants very happy.

Programme for high School Students

In 2011, technical and cultural visits were organized with the students and teachers of Istanbul Haydarpaşa Industrial Vocational High School. Descriptive trainings were given to our students who visited the production departments. In the program, the importance of water, familiarity with water, being friendly with water, drinking water correctly, methods of using water efficiently, water civilization values ​​and our approach to water fraternity, understanding of life, our dynamics of success in life were shared.