Casa Apei / House of Water, Tîrgu Mures, Romania

The House of Water Museum is one of the very few institutions of this kind in Romania. Its uniqueness derives from the fact it is the sole depositary of the whole history of the water supply system in Tîrgu Mureș. Under the motto “The Road to Civilisation”, the Museum promotes the vital importance of the water in the development of the community from a technical and historical view. The goal of AQUASERV Company is to help the community acknowledge and understand the entire 100 year-old history of the public water supply and sewage system of Tîrgu Mureș.

The House of Water Museum houses a large variety of maps, documents, photographs, tools and equipment, all of which attest to the remarkable professionalism of the pioneers who developed the first water supply system.

Besides its historical value, the Museum stands at the heart of educational programs geared towards the new generations regarding protecting the environment and its natural water resources. Every year thousands of children visit the Museum where, under the professional guidance of AQUASERV experts, they explore the depths of the world of water.



Other activities and projects

The House of Water Museum – Aquaserv S.A. is celebrating and organizing, every year since its opening, the International Museums Day. On this occasion, doors are open the whole day to invite people to join guided tours organised by the Museum.

  1. The International Museums Day 2021 /June 12 2021
  2. Because of the Covid-19 situation and restrictions, in 2021 we celebrated the International Museums Day, not on May 18 but in June. The event, Museum’s Night began at 10 a.m. and ended at 10 p.m. In this time the museum was visited by over 100 persons. Children, young adults, parents, grandparents flooded the site listening to fascinating information, asking questions and, most important, adding a certain dynamics by bringing their own knowledge regarding the protection of environment, for example. The Water reservoir, built in 1907, was the highlight of the tours. The visitors were impressed by its beautiful architectural style, with stained-glass windows and heavy steel doors, and its important functionality.

Aquaserv S.A., The House of Water Museum

As our main goal is to teach people about the history of water supply system and the technology of water processing, we encourage young people, students and teachers to visit the museum, where they will find and learn a lot of interesting facts and data. Here, they can learn about old technologies, old water supply infrastructure, different types of tools and equipment as well as new ones.