Jeju Water Exhibition Hall, Jeju-si, South Korea

Jeju Water Exhibition Hall provides a glimpse of the history of the use of Jeju water, its role in the development process of the island, the characteristics  of groundwater and so on. Here, visitors can encounter the past and present excellence of Jeju water.


The Jeju Water Exhibition Hall organizes tours to introduce the history of Jeju water heritages and the unique culture of Jeju. Also, Jeju Water Exhibition Hall has held Jeju Water Academy, a science camp for elementary school students where they can learn the importance of water. Another activity is the Jeju Water World Forum to share various results of research dealing with water.

Groundwater of Jeju Island serves as a life-giving water that supports the life and industrial activity of Jeju people. Jeju groundwater is also a resource of higher value than any other natural resources: Jeju groundwater is the most precious treasure for Jeju people. Thus, this groundwater needs to be preserved and managed systematically and promoted into a higher value-generating industry. JPDC seeks to increase investments in R&D for protecting and managing water resources in Jeju Island . Through this Jeju Water Exhibition Hall, we will strengthen our research capacity and lay the foundation for growing into a creative global enterprise.

The program of the tour in the Jeju Water Exhibition Hall includes:

  1. The Auditorium
  2. The Jeju Water Exhibition Hall· History of Jeju Water Usage
    · Development of Water Resources in Jeju Island
    · Characteristics of Jeju Groundwater Occurrence
    · Jeju Samdasoo Water Source and Production Process
  3. The Smart Factory Tour

    · Water Treatment Process
    · Production Process
    · Explanation of the Jeju Samdasoo Production Process
    · Real-Time Control System
    · Video of the Samdasoo Recharge Process

Visit the Jeju Water Exhibition Hall website Here.


Research for open data about Jeju water resource

We are operating a Hydro-geologic Information System(accessible here: In the website, there are a lot of information about hydrogeology of Jeju (e.g. the amount of groundwater usage depending on year or region, land usagInstitutions and Jeju people to use the data about Jeju water resources on their own research or study.

Research for preserve the traditional culture of Jeju water

We are educating Jeju Water curators with long-term training to preserve and develop the traditional culture of Jeju Water. Also, we are publishing a book, The Story of Jeju Water, uncovering historical and cultural value of Jeju spring water.

Research for conservation and management of Jeju groundwater

We are organizing a variety of public research activities to manage the groundwater of Jeju Island as sustainable resource. We are conducting research such as estimation of sustainable usability, research on the characteristics of groundwater and hydro-geological investigation to conserve and manage the groundwater in Pyoseon watershed of 16 watershed in Jeju Island, which JPDC belongs to.

Jeju Water Academy

Jeju Water Academy has been held once a year since 2015. It includes field trips and scientific programs related to water, both outdoor and indoor. It is a four-days-three-nights camp. It targets 13-year-old students to teach them not only the value and function of water but also the importance of science. Through field trips, students get to know the unique natural characteristics of Jeju Island, a volcanic island. At nights, they make astronomical observations. Through indoor program, students perform various scientific experiments, for example, state change of water.

Jeju Water Exhibition Hall and the SDGs

We signed a 5 year partnership with UNESCO Paris headquarters on April 16th 2018. We are supporting $500,000 for Geoscience for Society with Jeju Province Development Corporation Supporting the International Geoscience and Geoparks Programme (IGGP) from 2018.

With IGGP, we are supporting natural science, especially water resource education and research of developing countries as well as application for Global Geopark. In February 2019, the IGGP of UNESCO launched a new call for application for Mentorships and Knowledge Exchange programme, which aims to contribute, in particular, to SDGs 4, 8, 17, with the financial and operational support of JPDC, UNESCO’s partner organizations.
The IGGP of UNESCO received application from both qualified representatives of sites aspiring to join the UNESCO Global Geopark network as well as experienced managers of UNESCO Global Geoparks who will provided Mentorship and Knowledge Exchange opportunity to the representatives of aspiring sites to join the UNESCO Global Geopark network. UNESCO received high number of applications and agreed below listed exchanges funded using our contribution to UNESCO.