Musée des Egouts, Paris, France

The sewer museum of Paris has been totally renovated and opened its doors last October 2021, showing both the history of its construction mostly during the 19th century, as well as the now days environmental issues of sanitation. The visitors will appreciate the permanent exhibition mixing modern multimedia and historical items, and will enter in the real working sewer, discovering all the trades of the sewer system.

The permanent collection was built to give an attractive overview of the sanitation system of Paris, since the roman period to the 21th century. Why was it built and how? How works this patrimonial heritage with modern equipment and system? What are the trades of sewer men and engineers of our sanitation service facing environmental issues such as using waste water as a resource and make bathing in the river Seine possible in 2024?
All those questions will be answered thanks to our multimedia, panels, models and items from the past.
Then, the museum is yet a real part of the working sewer; we can walk along elementary sewers, large collectors, and see all the machines used to clean the sewers.
It is important also to highlight that guided tours are offer by real sewers that are part of the museum team.
Our goal is to give the opportunity to discover and understand the sanitation system of Paris, but also to raise awareness on pollution and environmental risk linked with waste water.
As the museum was recently reopen, we are right now developing activities for children, families and adults, such as games, teaching visit booklets, conferences and special events.


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Plastic pollution in the sewer and in the river Seine

The museum is creating with the NGO Surfrider an exhibition about plastic pollution issues in the water of the river Seine and sewer, to the oceans.
The museum will host the exhibition in order to raise awareness about those issues and problems we have to face in our activity or natural environment because of daily and everyday life behaviors. New contents will dialogue with spaces and rooms of the museum.
The temporary exhibition will be ready for October 22 until December.

Plouf 75 – Raise awareness about flood

The sewer museum of Paris create a game for children (up to 7 years) called “Les sentinelles de GAASPAR”: players (2 to 5 children) have to decide where to send waste water in the sanitation system, taking into account the weather conditions : rain, storm… And prevent the discharge of waste water into the river as well as flood. This game has been hold for the first time at “La Cité des Sciences” of Paris Villette on June 22th