Museos de Mequinenza, Spain

Museums of Mequinenza are located on the Aiguabarreig (literally, “mixing of waters”): a place where the Ebro, Segre and Cinca rivers meet. The Aguabarreig is one of the biggest river confluence of Europe and probably one of the most interesting from a natural, historical and cultural point of view.

The link between past, present and future in Mequinenza is the water as a source of life, prosperity but also as destruction. Our mission is to preserve, to study and to protect our natural and cultural heritage through our different spaces: Mine Museum of Mequinenza, History Museum of Mequinenza, Prehistoric Past Museum and Old Town of Mequinenza.

All the history of Mequinenza has been related to the water of the three rivers. Iberian, Roman, Visigothic and Islamic cultures settled in this space because of the rivers and their strategic position. With the Romans, the town started to function as a natural port, and the route was used as a commerce path from the Mediterranean Sea to the north of Spain.

Since ancient times, Ebro, Segre and Cinca rivers were used to transport everything and became part of the community’s life. During the Industrial Revolution, the rivers were used to transport coal in the “llauts”, peculiar riverboats constructed in Mequinenza and long more than 30 meters that could carry 30 tons of coal from the mines of Mequinenza that were close to the rivers.

The old Mequinenza was flooded by the waters of the rivers during the XX Century due to the construction of two dams aimed to produce electricity with the Ebro river. The village was trapped in the middle of two hydroelectric plants and was demolished in the 1970s. The inhabitants had to construct a completely new village a few kilometers far from the old one.

Museos de Mequinenza also aim to highlight the importance of the artistic legacy of the writer Jesús Moncada and all the tangible and intangible heritage related with the three rivers. They also contribute to develop the cultural identity of the town and strengthen its role as a pole of cultural and artistic attraction in the region, assuming a role for the sustainable development of the area.


Temporary Exhibitions

1. Digital Exhibition: “Miguel Ibarz, the simplicity of the avant-garde”

Museos de Mequinenza celebrate the centenary of the birth of the painter Miguel Ibarz with a virtual exhibition. Through a retrospective, the exhibition brings together the trajectories of this artist born in 1920 in Mequinenza.

His works are marked by the composition and the use of colours. Ibarz is included in the second avant-garde movements, with influences from cubism, fauvism and abstraction. During his final stage he included in his paintings the Mediterranean light, water and colours.

2. Digital Project: “Imágenes para la memoria”

“Imágenes para la memoria” is a visual and interactive map with more than 300 photographs of the Old Town of Mequinenza geolocated in the exact place where they were taken many years ago. This initiative arises from another project called “La memòria dels carrers” which aims to bring together the neighbours from the Old Town to collect memories, documents and photographs. The project will continue digitizing new documents with the aim of creating an open visual memory.




Camí de Sirga

This route is called “Camí de sirga” since it was the path where people used to pull with ropes the riverboats called “llauts” against the current of the rivers. The itinerary can be done on foot or by bicycle.

It is a round linear route parallel to the Ebro river and the Aiguabarreig confluence, surrounded by pine forests, kermes oaks, rosemary and thyme. The route is surrounded also by the industrial heritage of old coal mines. On the final part, the landscape is shaped by millenary olive trees and fruit trees fields.





Old Town of Mequinenza

Short and accessible route that connects Mequinenza, on the banks of the Segre river, with the demolished Old Town over the Ebro river.

Along the route you will find natural heritage and different sculptures: a “llaut” and a turbine, symbols of the historical connection between Mequinenza and the water of its rivers. On top of a hill, the medieval Castle of Mequinenza will watch youas a witness of time. The route ends at the Old Town of Mequinenza and the Museums of Mequinenza.


Ebro Nature Trail GR-99

The GR-99, or the Ebro Nature Trail, is a long-distance path that starts from the north of Spain and runs through the entire Ebro river (1,280 kilometres) to the Mediterranean Sea.

On its way, it crosses the landscapes of Mequinenza. At the start and end points of each stage there are information panels on the profile and length of the section and on the areas of natural and cultural interest that it crosses.

Jesús Moncada Literary Route

The writer Jesús Moncada was born in Mequinenza (Aragon) on the 1st of December 1941.  Jesús Moncada’s literary œuvres are centred mainly on Mequinenza, particulary on the collective memories of its inhabitants.

“Jesús Moncada Literary Route” is aimed to discover the landscapes and the characters of the ancient Mequinenza that inspired his novels – the rivers, the miners, the navigators – through a “in situ” visit to the remains of the Old Town of Mequinenza. An invitation to discover the hidden legacy of Moncada’s literary heritage.


Centre d’Estudis “Jesús Moncada”

Museos de Mequinenza collaborated to create the Centre d’Estudis “Jesús Moncada”. It is the main archive centre of numerous collections related to the historical, mining, cultural and natural heritage of Mequinenza. During the year it organizes workshops, educational activities and develops research in different areas.

Special Guests in Mequinenza

Every year, Museos de Mequinenza open their doors to give the opportunity to groups with special needs or visiting difficulties to visit us. The objective of this project is the integration and the accessibility of these audiences that often deal with visiting difficulties. This project contributes to education, social cohesion and streghten the collaboration between our institution and associations and NGOs to work together for a better future.

Mequinenza International Film Festival

Mequinenza International Film Festival is an annual international short film festival held in Mequinenza. It aims to promote water topics through cinema and showcase international water-related short films from all over the world to offer a unique and diverse programme. Museos de Mequinenza collaborate with the festival since its beginning with the aim to create awareness of water and its relationship with human life in the surroundings.