Newsletter #1 2022

Three new exhibitions at the Changjiang Civilization Museum (Museum of the Yangtze River, Wuhan, China)

In cooperation with the Ethnology Museum of South-Central University for Nationalities, the museum presents an exhibition on ethnic clothing along the river basin of Yangtze. Consisting of three sections, this exhibition displays over 130 pieces of selected clothing, embroideries, and silver accessories from nine ethnic groups that have lived along the Changjiang River. The costumes are supplemented by pictures and video material, on-the-spot landscaping models and different interactive devices. 

Refurbishment of the ‘Endless Life of The Changjiang River’ Exhibition Hall

In October 2021, the Changjiang Civilization Museum started the refurbishment of the ‘Endless Life of the Changjiang River’ exhibition hall. It displays now a larger section of fish specimens of the Changjiang River Basin collected by the researchers of the Museum. Also, it presents new results related to the 10-year fishing ban plan and adds some exhibits recently donated by two units – including traditional fishing boats, nets, and fishing gears. Integrated with technology, creativity and visual art, the new exhibition hall will show the beauty of the Changjiang River under flowing lights and shadows.

The Changjiang River Theme Exhibition

An exhibition showcasing the diverse ecosystems of the Changjiang River was opened at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum on December 14, 2021. The museum now provides new fascinating pictures projected at the painting corner of the exhibition hall. This exhibition aims at raising public awareness about environmental protection. Also, it displays a large number of specimens of endangered animals living in the Changjiang River basin and presents 42 water samples collected from different locations along the Yangtze, including Shanghai’s Chongming District, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province, and Wuhan, the capital of Hubei. 



The Power of Water: St Elizabeth’s Flood on display at Biesbosch MuseumEinland, Netherlands

Six hundred years after the flood of 1421, the Biesbosch Museum tells the story of the origins of Biesbosch, exploring myths and true stories from the night of Saint Elisabeth. The exhibition also addresses the recurring problem of floods in the Netherlands over the past centuries and what we can learn from the past to protect ourselves in the future. Visit the museum’s website for more information, including a video interview with the museum director, Peter van Beek.

Flood risks in the Ile de France at Plouf 2022

From the 10th to the 12th of May, ‘La Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie’ of Paris will be hosting the Plouf 2022 event, organized by the state services (Préfecture de Police) to raise awareness among the general public about flood risk in the region of Ile-de-France. The Plouf event also includes a workshop on the management of the sewerage network in case of rising water levels: a topic that is relevant for future exhibitions at the Musée des Egouts and other water museums. Both public and private organizations will be partnering with the event. 

Musée de la Civilisation de l’Eau au Maroc ‘Mohammed VI’ at the 9th World Water Forum 

The Musée de la Civilisation de l’Eau au Maroc participated to the 9th WWF in Dakar with a dedicated space on the national Pavillion of Morocco. The Pavilion hosted the water museum in a dedicated space to disseminate information on the institutions and their activities. Also, the Pavillion of Morocco hosted the meetings of representatives of WAMU-NET at the 9th WWF. The director of the museum, Abdennabi El Mandour, organized for the WAMU-NET team a special meeting with Nizar Baraka, the Minister of Water and Infrastructures of the Kingdom of Morocco to plan future activities of common interest in Morocco. 

‘Cover Up’: exploring art and sustainability at the Water and Fountain Museum, Belgium

In May 2022, The Water and Fountain Museum (Ottignies, Belgium) unveils its new exhibition re-using the setting of a previous one. A former exhibition presented the underwater photographs of Harry Fayt, with pictures that are deeply linked to nature and denounce water pollution. To stay coherent with this vision, his images were printed on tarps made of recycled plastic. To push further the concept of a ‘recycled exhibition’, the museum decided to reuse the tarps as a new canvas for street artists. Thus, the ‘Cover up’ project was born. Working with Harry Fayt and the Yellow Road Gallery (a gallery specialising in street art) 14 artists have been invited to create original artworks on tarps. You can discover their work during the inauguration weekend on May 14 and 15 2022. Then, the exhibition will be accessible for free in the Bois des Rêves. More info: https://lemuseedeleauetdelafontaine.be 

World Water Day and China Water Week promoted by the National Water Museum of China

The National Water Museum of Hangzhouhosted several activities on March 22nd in conjunction with the 34th China Water Week (March 22nd-28th). The theme of China’s campaign commemorating WWD and the China Water Week in 2022 is ‘practising the new development concept and pushing forward the safe use of water resources’.

Water Forum announced by HYDRA Waterfall Museum in June 2022 at the Piediluco lake (Umbria)

HYDRA / The Multimedia Museum of the Marmore Waterfalls is organizing a Water Forum at the end of June 2022 in Piediluco, a pleasant lake located in Umbria, Italy. Scholars and international experts on water resources will be involved in a meeting with local stakeholders to define a regeneration and protection scheme for the lake. WAMU-NET will be officially co-organizing this event, which will also be the occasion for the 1st meeting of the Italian members of WAMU-NET to meet and discuss eco-museums and sustainable tourism strategies.

‘The Great Wave’ and the photo contest at the Water Factory of Bologna

For World Water Day 2022, Opificio delle Acque / Water Factory of Bologna has promoted a photo competition called ‘The Canals in Bologna, the infinite flow of water’. A dozen photos selected by the photographer Stefano Laddomada have been exhibited at the Opificio delle Acque, to tell about the canals of our city through a series of iconic images. Also, within a cycle of conferences on water organised by the art historian Paola Goretti and entitled ‘THE GREAT WAVE – Art, culture and visions of water’, on March 22th the conference titled ‘Sister Water, Laudata sii’ was held. See: https://www.canalidibologna.it/it/news/LA-GRANDE-ONDA/502

Sharing tweets with visitors at AQUATIKA, Freshwater Aquarium Karlovac, Croatia

AQUATIKA is hosting the first tweets exhibition in Croatia. ‘Trending #HGSS70’ takes the lead from the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (of which HGSS is the Croatian abbreviation). Trending #HGSS70 uses the language of the popular social media platform to communicate important messages about enjoying nature in safety. The exhibition was organised in association with the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, which is very popular and active on Twitter with messages such as ‘Dear tourists, we are very approachable people, but you do not want our company while you are on vacation’. Creativity and selfless care for others are the common denominators of the tweets’ exhibition with an emphasis on the safety of living in nature.

Dante’s idea of purgatory at the historic Well of San Patrizio (Orvieto, Italy)

On the 17th of March, the Well of San Patrizio, the Municipality of Orvieto and Sistema Museo (the cooperative company which manages tourist visits to the historical well), organized a special guided tour titled: ‘Beyond the world, the ground. From San Patrizio to Dante, the idea of ​​purgatory’. Visitors, accompanied by expert guides, could be inspired by the visit to the well and wonder ‘When was Purgatory born?’ From the well of San Patrizio to the Renaissance frescoes by Luca Signorelli in the chapel of San Brizio, inside the Cathedral, this journey aimed at discovering the representation of purgatory in art through time.

The HYDRA concerts at the Multimedia Museum of the Marmore Waterfalls (Perugia, Italy)

From January to March 2022, the Multimedia Museum of the Marmore Waterfalls has been engaged in a series of concerts called ‘The concerts of HYDRA’, in collaboration with the Mirabil Eco association of Piediluco. With this program of 5 concerts, on Sunday mornings, musicians performed selected compositions that explore the theme of water and the mythology connected to it. On the occasion of the WWD on March 22th, the HYDRA museum organized a musical happening, ‘Aqua Fons Vitae’, in cooperation with the Ars Pace and Assisi Suono Sacro association, to recall the fundamental value of water for the protection of the planet and peace.  

Educational Days on Climate Change promoted by the Museum on Water Civilizations of Morocco

The Mohammed VI Museum for the Civilization of Water in Morocco will also organise this year the ‘Educational Day on Climate’, in cooperation with Moroccan and French high schools and the Cadi Ayyad University. This event is at the centre of the museum’s strategy focused on raising young people’s awareness of the challenges related to water issues and the sensitivity of its cycle due to climate changes.