I Remember Water. A global digital exhibition exploring memories of our relationship with water

Water museums archive the memories of humanity’s relationship with water. For this reason, members of the Global Network of Water Museums are invited to contribute to a curated digital exhibition that shares their memories of our relationship with water, to be launched on World Water Day 2022.

Water museums around the world are public repositories of our fluid heritage. However, if we are to address our global water challenges then we need to find new ways to connect people to their water heritage and to museums so that we can build empathy with a new ‘culture of water’, and stimulate water wisdom.

Water memories, whether they are sensory or emotional, short-term or long-term, material or immaterial are fundamental to our existence as individuals and as collective societies. As we reflect on alternative pathways towards sustainable and equitable water access, use and governance, and SDGs implementation, WAMU-NET invites contributions that recall our water memories stressing the emotional side that water stirs: joy / struggle / life & death / respect / sacred / profane, etc.

Contributions, including photographs, archival images and artworks, will only be accepted from WAMU-NET members (individuals, artists and museums) and must be submitted digitally by December, 20 2021 by completing the Registration Form available HERE.

The images and the Registration Form must be sent to communication@watermuseums.net

For more details, you can download the Call for Contributions here.

The Curatorial Team looks forward to your contributions!

[Image courtesy: Vaastu Vidhaan, Mumbai ‘Broken or Parched’, 2020]