International Conference on Water History and Civilization, China 2019

In order to further enhance the understanding of the relationship between water and human civilization, improve the capacity of human beings to cope with the global water crisis and promote the development of water history research and use in China, the Hubei University, China and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece in collaboration with a series of institutions are pleased to bring to you the International Conference themed, “Water and Civilization: the Exploration of Water History in the Horizon of the Community of a Shared Future for Mankind” to be held in China from 9th to 12thMay, 2019.

The conference which will be held at the Hubei University Conference Centre in the Wuhan City of Hubei Province, brings together historians, hydrologists, anthropologists, water resource managers and policy makers and water educators to learn from each other, discuss and share experiences from around the word on the historical lessons for water sustainability and contribute to the research and utilization of water history in a new epoch.

Topics of discussion include but are not limited to:

1)    Water and the origination and growth of civilizations;

2)    Society history of water – water’s influence on the formation of a country and society, water and human lifestyle, etc.;

3)    History of water conservancy – water management, water conflicts, historical constructions etc. and their influence on water conservancy projects;

4)     History of water culture – water’s influence on human ideas, religions, customs, lifestyle, culture inheritance and dissemination as well as the protection and use of water cultural heritage;

5)        The historical wisdom connected to water management and use and its contemporary enlightenment towards coping with water challenges;

6)     Water civilizations and human community in the horizon of The Belt and Road.

Abstracts and manuscripts for the conference should be submitted by February 12th, 2019 to

Download the conference outline for more information