New Resolution of UNESCO-IHP in support of the Global Network of Water Museums

On June 30th the new Resolution n.7-XXIV on the Global Network of Water Museums was approved at the 24th session of the Intergovernmental Council of UNESCO-IHP. The new Resolution, titled “UNESCO-IHP in support of developing WAMU-NET” will have deep implications for the future development of WAMU-NET. The decision settles the ground to: (1) start a census of water museums and water (natural and cultural) heritages worldwide in cooperation with the IHP National Committees and the IHP Secretariat; and (2) support WAMU-NET both financially and with in-kind contributions, thanks to the support of Member States.

The Resolution was approved unanimously by all Member States with the right to vote. We are grateful in particular to those museums affiliated to WAMU-NET that actively contributed to involving representatives of their countries – and namely: The Netherlands (leading country), Italy, China, Greece, Portugal, Croatia, Morocco, and Iran.

Also, the Resolution was supported by the following countries: Mexico, Slovenia, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Russia, Zambia, Senegal, Uganda, Sudan, Madagascar, Indonesia, Iraq, Lebanon, and the Republic of Korea.