The Water We Want 2021 – Winners Announcement

The Global Network of Water Museums is pleased to announce the winners and special mentions of the second edition of The Water We Want (2021). The COVID pandemic did not stop the brave students, teachers and schools that decided to participate to the contest and sent even this year, despite global restrictions, thousands of beautiful artworks.

Among drawings, videos, photos, songs and other works, all entries submitted to the competition by 6-18 years old youth were selected by 23 water museums affiliated to the Global Network. The 89 pre-selected works are now featured in the online Digital Exhibition 2021.

A heartfelt thanks to all the students and the teachers that took part in The Water We Want 2021 with such beautiful works and to all WAMU-NET members who facilitated and promoted this initiative worldwide. Congratulations to the winners!


Drawings section (6 -12 years old), Mother Water – submitted by the Aquapic Water Museum, Timisoara (Romania).
School: Colegiul Naţional Pedagogic ‘Carmen Sylva’, Timisoara. Author: Patricia Ahmadi.

Drawings section (13-18 years old), The Water We Want – submitted by the Musée des Civilisations de l’Eau au Maroc, “Mohammed VI”, Marrakech.
School: Groupe Scolaire Jacques Majorelle, Marrakech. Authors: Lina Zrikem and Yasmin Ouagague.

Videos section (6-12 years old), [winners ex aequo] Protecting Marine Life – submitted by the National Water Museum of China (Hangzhou)
School: Binjiang Experimental Primary School, Hangzhou. Author: Diao Lehan.
Water is Life – We are the Nature Guardians – submitted by the Aquapic Water Museum, Timisoara (Romania).
School: Liceul Teoretic ‘Bartòk Béla’, Timisoara.

Video section (13-18 years old), Are you saving water while washing your hands? – submitted by the HYDRIA Mediterranean Water Heritage Network, MIO-ECSDE, Greece/Malta.
School: Cospicua Girls Learning Support Centre, Malta. Jasmine Geriwa, Yasmin Micallef.

Other media section (6-12 years old), Fishcycling – submitted by the Danube Water-Adventure, Marktgemeinde Engelhartszell, Austria
School: Elementary School St. Aegidi, 3rd Class, Engelhartszell.

Other media section (13-18 years old), Water of Life – submitted by the Baiheliang Underwater Museum, Chongqing, China.
School: Xiangyuan Primary school in Fuling. Author: Luo Weiliu.

Have a look at the winners, the special mentions and all the entries visiting the digital exhibition 2021.

Please, download here the Press Release for more details on the announcement of winners and on the special mentions.