SOMES Water Company’s, ‘‘Leonida Truta” Water Museum

Thousands of children and students passed through the Museum based educational program and Support from the Government for WAMU-NET Resolution.
SOMES Water Company’s Water Museum which is mainly ‘‘used” as the headquarters for the educational program for children and youth on issues of water sources and environment protection, has seen thousands of young visitors since the first Conference.

Following a letter to the Romanian IHP National Committee and the Ministry of Waters and Forests asking for their support for a favorable vote at the 2018 IHP UNESCO Intergovernmental Council, the Government of Romania and the Romanian IHP National Committee has stated encouragingly that they are both ‘‘supporting unconditionally the Global Network of Water Museums initiative”. They also intend to initiate immediate diplomatic steps in order to not only to support the undertaking through Romania’s Standing Delegation by UNESCO but also to persuade the other Countries in the Danube River Basin to join the support effort, on the occasion of the XXVIIth Conference of the Danube Countries held in Bulgaria in September 2017.