WAMU-HUT: fundraising against COVID-19

Due to the recent spread of Coronavirus on a global scale, in these tragic moments, the weakest are more vulnerable than ever.

For this reason, we created a new dedicated Solidarity Fund “WAMU-Hut” (Help us to Help water museums) aimed at supporting those museums which, due to pandemic, are operating in most critical conditions in LICs (Less Income Countries).

Many of these museums are a reference point for local communities, and we must help them to keep their role also in these emergency conditions.
You know that unfortunately, the Global Network is not in the conditions to support them financially.
However, the solidarity fund “WAMU-Hut” will enable us to provide minimum support to those needing help.
Thus, we invite WAMU-NET members and friends to make even a small donation of 20, 40, 100 euros or another amount.

Our target is to reach at least 3.000 € by the end of April.
The way WAMU-NET is going to spend donations will be reported to the next General Assembly.

All payments can be made to the following bank account of the Global Network:

Bank Account (IBAN): IT67 F058 5636 1931 1257 1421 969 – (BIC/SWIFT): BPAAIT2B112

Bank: Volksbank Banca Popolare  (Branch of Mirano n.112, Venice, Italy)

Please do not forget to write in the description of your payment:
“Donation to the WAMU-Hut Fund to combat COVID-19”

Of course, we can send receipts of payment related to your donations and ee will keep you updated on the evolution of this solidarity campaign!

United, we can do better! Thanks for helping us to help!