When Waters Speak #2 – Reaching Water

This webinar brought together artists and scientists to discuss the impact of climate change on water resources in East-Africa, and in turn, on the millions of people who depend on them for their livelihoods. It featured a screening of Reaching Wateran electro-orchestral music video commissioned by conductor Cayenna Ponchione-Bailey and the Orchestra of St John’s and composed by the band pecq, with imagery by videographer Ross Harrison, in response to scientific research from Dr Catherine Grasham, as part of the REACH programme. The panellists explored how science and art can come together to address the water and climate crises.

The webinar is the second of a series aimed at engaging audiences by connecting them to water science and issues related to water security through music and visual arts. The When Waters Speak webinar series focuses on rivers and considers new means of expression to reflect on the value of water in the context of a changing climate and its crucial importance for all aspects of human life. You can access the recording of our first event, Earth Flow, which took place on 22 March.

Rivers, and other water bodies, are the blood vessels of our world. They provide fresh water to support, directly or indirectly, the lives and daily livelihoods of billions of people globally. However, when they run dry, overflow, or become unpredictable, they turn into major threats to society. Climate change is projected to amplify and accelerate these challenges.

Webinar Platform: Zoom 
Date: 28 May 2021
Time:  13:00 – 14:30 CEST

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