When Waters Speak – World Water Day 2021

This webinar brought together artists and scientists from across the globe to discuss the impact of climate change on water and rivers in mountainous environments – and in turn how people and nature are being affected. It featured a screening of Earth Flow, an electro-orchestral music video commissioned by the Orchestra of St John’s and composed by the band, pecq, with imagery by videographer Ross Harrison in response to scientific research and the Himalayas to Ocean documentary project. The panellists explored how science and art can come together to value water and encourage action.

The webinar is the first of a series aimed at engaging audiences by connecting them to water science and issues related to water security through music and visual arts. The When Waters Speak webinar series focused on rivers and considered new means of expression to reflect on the value of water in the context of a changing climate and its crucial importance for nature and all aspects of human life. The 2nd seminar of the series, Reaching Water, will focus on an African river and will take place on May 28.

Rivers are the blood vessels of our world. They provide fresh water to support, directly or indirectly, the lives and daily livelihoods of billions of people globally. However, when they run dry, overflow, or become unpredictable, they turn into major threats to society. Climate change is projected to amplify and accelerate these challenges.

Webinar Platform: Zoom 
Date: 22 March 2021
Time:  10:30 – 12:00 (CET)

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28 May 2021, 13.00 – 14.30 CET
When Waters Speak – 2nd event
Reaching Water

The second webinar in the series will engage an international community of scientists and musicians in a discussion about how climate change is making access to water more difficult for people across the world and the role of the arts in raising awareness about the growing water crisis. The webinar will feature a screening of Reaching Water, an electro-orchestral music video commissioned by the Orchestra of St John’s and composed by the band, pecq, which draws on water security research from University of Oxford’s Dr Catherine Grasham in Ethiopia’s Awash River Basin, part of REACH: Improving water security for the poor.

Speakers to be confirmed.
Please, follow this link to register for the second webinar.