“Education is the most powerful weapon that we can use to change the world” (Nelson Mandela).

In response to the global water crises, we decided to create a worldwide network of water museums and heritage sites to unite forces in the endeavour to change the mindset of people towards water, strengthen education, and raise major awareness to establish what we call a “new culture of water”.

Today, educational programs all over the world must emphasize the urgent need of establishing a new relationship between humanity and water – an ethical vision aimed at reconnecting people with the tangible and intangible heritage of water, including its social, cultural, ecological, artistic and spiritual dimensions.

The Global Network of Water Museums was recognised in 2018 as a “flagship initiative” of UNESCO by the Council of the Intergovernmental Hydrological Programme through the Resolution n.XXIII-5, titled: “The Global Network of Water Museum and UNESCO-IHP in support of water sustainability education and water awareness efforts”.

Our statutory goal aims at coordinating educational activities among different water museums on a global scale, and today is implemented mainly through the Youth Contest and Award The Water We Want

Following the 1st competition that was launched in 2019, a digital exhibition was created to include all videos, drawings and pictures that we received from more than 8.000 students and young participants. Best entries were selected by 24 participating water museums and the Jury, at last, assigned 6 awards and 14 special mentions.

Also, a communication campaign was implemented on social media with the support of UNESCO Beijing Office to disseminate 22 professional videos that aim at promoting SDGs and more sustainable water uses. The campaign was implemented in English, Chinese and Spanish.