The Global Network of Water Museums is a flagship initiative endorsed by the Council of UNESCO-IHP (Intergovernmental Hydrological Programme)

The Water We Want

The communication campaign is made of 22 professional videos that draw inspiration from the messages and artworks created by young generations. It was implemented in 2020 to raise major awareness towards water on a global scale and build a better future. The campaign elaborates further the drawings, videos, and pictures made by students who participated to the Youth Prize Contest The Water We Want.

Videos introduce the worldwide audience to the dangers and risks related to the water crisis. They are a call to look for urgent solutions and promote the green recovery. All videos are aimed at fostering core messages on water sustainability education as well as at preventing the further spread of COVID19.

The campaign includes: one promotional video (1-minute video), one institutional video (4-minutes), which also portrays the 1st Youth Prize Contest and the participating water museums, and 20 short videos (or “posts”) for dissemination on social media.

Professional videos produced for this campaign have been designed namely for use on Facebook, but they have been disseminated also on Instagram and Twitter (in English). More than 100.000 people were reached only through Facebook. The campaign was implemented in English, Chinese and Spanish through different media.