Hertogenbosch, 2nd International Conference of the Global Network of Water Museums

‘s-Hertongenbosch, The Netherlands, 14 – 18 May 2018

A Common Heritage for a more Sustainable Future


Day 1 – Monday, May 14th


Blanca Jiménez-Cisneros (Director of the Division of Water Sciences and Secretary of UNESCO-IHP, International Hydrological Programme)
Andras Szöllösi-Nagy (Chairman of UNESCO-IHP Intergovernmental Council)
Sandra de Vries (Netherlands National IHP-HWRP Committee)
Henri Swinkels (Deputy of the Province of North Brabant)
Jack Mikkers (Mayor of ’s-Hertogenbosch)
Huib van Olden (Deputy Mayor of ‘s-Hertogenbosch)
Yvonne Moerman (President of Kring Vrienden van ’s-Hertogenbosch)
Francesco Vallerani (Head of Waterscape Research Unit, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice)

Field visit – ’s-Hertogenbosch: the historic town and its canals.
Exploring Dutch Water Museums.

Seminar: The Arts Reflect on Water
Chair: C. Adams, Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World, UK

S. Spaid, Belgium
B. Irland, New Mexico, USA
E. Mosher and N. Nowacek, New York, USA
Y. Ostendorf, Netherlands
Video: Against the Tide (Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain)

Board Meeting in Kringhuis

Dinner at Bolwerk St. Jan (hosted by Kring Vrienden)

Day 2 – Tuesday, May 15th


H. van Olden, Deputy Mayor of ’s-Hertogenbosch
H. Swinkels, Deputy of the Province of North Brabant
F. Vallerani, Waterscape Research Unit, University of Venice
Presentation of the book ‘Four Centuries of Water for Defence’

Presentations and Round table 1 (Council hall)
-Draft Resolution for next IHP Council;
-Links with IHP and National IHP Committees;
-Proposal of new UNESCO Chair at Venice University for future coordination of the Global Network;
-Presentation of the new website of the Global Network of Water Museums: www.watermuseums.net
Chair: I. Kerr-Wilson. Moderator: V.L. Croitoru.
Presentation: F. Visentin. Facilitator: E. Eulisse.

Presentation of Zuiderwaterlinie, ‘Southern Water Defence Line’, by Province of North-Brabant (Council hall)

Lunch and Field visit – Kilsdonk, historic Wind- and Water-mill.
Introduction by P. van Dijk, “Waterschap Aa en Maas”.

Thematic Session 1: Research (Council hall)
Chair: F. Vallerani, University of Venice

Z. Zhang and L. Yumei, National Water Museum of China, Hangzhou
S. Ahmed, Living Water Museum, India
T. Steenhuis and G. Holst-Warhaft, Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future, Cornell University, USA
T. Ftaita, Université de Nice ‘Sophia Antipolis’, France
F. Al-Mesnad and M.A. Al-Mohamedi, Kahramaa Awareness Park, Qatar

Presentations of new Water Museums 1 (Council hall)
Chair: A.S. Yazdi, International Center on Qanats & Historic Hydraulic Structures (UNESCO-ICQHS)

S. Louwerse, Watersnood Museum, Netherlands
T. Ruf, Musée pour la Civilisation de l’Eau au Maroc “Mohamed VI”, Morocco
L. Yan and Y. Bangde, The Baiheliang Underwater Museum,
A. Sharrocks, The Museum of Water, UK/travelling
R. Karels, The Broekerveiling Water Museum, Netherlands

Welcome Dinner at Zwanenbroedershuis (hosted by Kring Vrienden)

Day 3 – Wednesday, May 16th

Welcome to delegates of IHP Region Group 1 countries, and delegates of the Netherlands IHP-HWRP Committee (Council Hall)
B. Jiménez-Cisneros (Director of the Division of Water Sciences and Secretary of UNESCO-IHP)
S. de Vries (Netherlands National IHP-HWRP Committee)

Key note speech “Water and its Civilizations” (Council hall)
A. Szöllösi-Nagy, Chairman of IHP Intergovernmental Council

Presentations and Round table 2 (Council hall)
-Criteria for admission, business plan and annual fees.
-Planning of future WAMU.NET activities based on RES inputs (Research, Education, SDGs) from internal working groups.
Chair: H. Groeneveld. Moderator: P.L. Martinez.
Facilitator: E. Eulisse. Presentation: P. Banens.

Thematic Session 2: SDGs (Council hall)
Chair: M. Scoullos, MIO-ECSDE

R. Hernandez and G. Herrera, “Agua Para Siempre” Water Museum, Mexico
F. Visentin, Water Museum of Venice, Italy
B. Gumiero and M. Lanzinger, University of Bologna and MUSE Science Museum of Trento, Italy
K. Wundsam, Danube Water Adventure, Austria and Germany
P.L. Martinez and J. Sanchez, Tribunal de les Aïgues de Valencia, Spain

Lunch and Field visit – Waterschap De Dommel
Introduction to the historic system of Dutch Water Boards & Watermanagement by P. Glas, “Waterschap De Dommel”

Presentations of new Water Museums 2 (Council hall)
Chair: M. Castro, Lisbon Water Museum, Portugal

P. van Beek, Biesbosch Museum Eiland, Netherlands
J. Marbaix, Musée de l’Eau et de la Fontaine, Belgium
J. Mpoy Kayembe, Musée de l’Eau “Arche de l’Alliance”, Congo
E. van Melis, Haarlemmermeer Museum “De Cruquius”, Netherlands

Presentations of new Water Museums 3 (Council hall)
Chair: S.S. Yazdi, International Center on Qanats & Historic Hydraulic Structures (UNESCO-ICQHS)

K. Kamp, Waterlinie Museum, Netherlands
E. Damon, Keepers of the Waters, USA
H. De Laet, Hidrodoe, Belgium
M. Leone, LandLabPA, Italy

Board Meeting in Kringhuis

Day 4 – Thursday, May 17th

Thematic Session 3: Education (Council hall)
Chair: S. Ahmed, India

S. de Vries, University of Delft, Netherlands
P. Jauregui, Yaku Parque Museo del Agua, Ecuador
E. Bricchetti, Ecomuseo della Martesana, Italy
M.A. Traore, Musée de l’Eau de Ouagadougou, Burkina Phaso
G. La Spada, “We Are Drops” and CNR-ISMAR (National Research Centre on Marine Sciences), Italy

Conclusions and Round Table 3 (Council hall)
-Approval of final Resolution for next IHP Council and involvement of new National IHP Committees.
-Rapporteurs of the 3 working groups on RES.
-Election of RES leaders and Steering Board.
-Next activities coordinated by UNESCO Chair in Venice.
-Candidatures to host the 3rd Conference in 2019.
Chair: S. de Vries. Moderator: K. Wundsam. Facilitator: E. Eulisse.

Lunch and Field visit – The Biesbosch Museum Island
Exploring Dutch Water Museums

Farewell Dinner at Jheronimus Bosch Art Center (hosted by Kring Vrienden)

Day 5 – Friday, May 18th 2018

Field visit – The Watersnood Museum
Exploring Dutch Water Museums

Light lunch (hosted by Kring Vrienden)

Board Meeting
(UNESCO Chair coordinator and working group leaders only)